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Coordinated goal achievement

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Knowledge to manage better

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About Bridgeline Property Services

Building Management

Developing a community with strong growth produces a strong network that ensure tenant satisfaction. This is the answer to full occupancy. Financial planning that obtain and assure policies for timely rent establishes procedures for economic growth in the owners investments.

Project Management

We are working and building a team. The tools of marketing, leasing and sales develop strategies to identify weakness . Plans or policies designed to achieve a overall aim. Monthly and quarterly progress updates are sent to owners. Communication is our best plan in delivering excellent results with projects.

Market Research

Knowledge in real estate business is the key to ensuring your investment is correctly managed. We create monthly reports giving you a comparison of you property in the market place. Based on inventory and analysis of price per square foot, depending on the neighborhood and other considerations.

Planning & Design

Creating visitor traffic is an essential part of securing new tenants. We are building excellence by providing solutions to building environments from staging, upgrading common areas and showing. The right plan helps us achieve results.

Marketing & Branding

Knowledge of consumers is the secret to creating marketing strategies and materials. Together, we develop budgets to achieve your building’s goals. Monthly reports give you a complete view of  spending and results.

Leases & Sales

The achievement of the sale is the key to obtaining the highest annual income for each unit in your building. We work with you to  create and implement strategies to drive traffic that will ultimately sign a lease.

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2018 Case Study

The Science of Renting

Dropping your vacancies below 0.5%

Up to 97% of other firms’ rental listings are lacking:

  • Virtual Tour
  • Professional Videos
  • Floor Plans
  • Multimedia Materials
  • Web Site Utilization
  • Full Description
  • Sufficient Photos

No Excuses

Listing with out the proper use of Internet technology limits the amount of renters you can reach and lower profit.


of our listings are rented before they are vacated. Making the transition easy for all existing tenant, new tenant and the owner.

Quality Listings

Leasing Success

Let’s Succeed Together

When listing with us, we guarantee that
all listing have the upper edge in today’s

  • Virtual Tours
  • Professional Videos
  • Staged Rental Floor Plans
  • Professional Photos
  • 24/7 Service
  • Strategies for Foot Traffic
  • Tenant Screening
  • Use of Co-Broke
  • Multimedia Publications
  • Optimal Use Of Websites

Average quarterly budgets
of other agents are between
$400 and $500 for all their listings.

If your broker doesn’t offer
these features it’s because they are cheap.

The Change Is Worth It!

Make the change and we will make the change easy. Give us your listings and we will surpass your expectations. Ending the stress of vacancies and the change will cost you zero dollars.

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We execute to the highest standards!

We are Fair

We use co-Broke for all of our listings. Other agents aren’t willing to share the
commission. You can’t afford not to use co-broke. Most rentals transactions occur via co-broke.

We Perform Big

There is a difference between using a realtor or a broker. A broker is limited to the amount of information he or she can access on websites. Realtors advertise national
and international allowing for a bigger demographics when listing on hundreds of

We are Skillful

We have done our research when it come to
your listing in the market place. Our knowledge of the market allows for a
better valuation pros and cons of all listing in the surrounding areas, price and value.

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